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One Piece Cherub Bird Bath

Dimensions : H21.5" TD16" BD8"

Free Form Nature Bird Bath

Dimensions : H28" TW26.5" TL18.5" BD10.5"

Square Nature Bird Bath

Dimensions : H28" TW22" TL20" BD10.5"

Plain And Simple Bird Bath

Dimensions : H28.5" TD20.5" BD10"

Napolean Bird Bath

Dimensions : H28.5" TD19.75" BD11"

One Piece Lilac Bird Bath

Dimensions : H22" TD16" BD8.5"

Vine Bird Bath

Dimensions : H11" T15.5" OCT B8.5" OCT

One Piece Hummingbird Birdbath

Dimensions : H21.5" TD15" BD8"

One Piece Wicker Bird Bath

Dimensions : H22" TD16" BD10"

Cherub Birdbath
Dimensions : H36" BW10" BL9"

Pineapple Birdbath
Dimensions : H27" BW11" BL11.5"

Floral Bridbath
Dimensions : H7.5" W10.5" L21"

Large Classic Birdbath
Dimensions : H23" BW13.5" BL12"

Small Classic Birdbath
Dimensions : H23.25" W16" L21" B12" SQ

Mano Birdbath
Dimensions : H19.25" W10" L6.5"

Mariposa Birdbath
Dimensions : H6" W8.5" L6.25"

Hummingbird Birdbath
Dimensions : H9" W12" L9"

Moose Birdbath/Feeder
Dimensions : H25" BW13.5" BL12.25"

Chestnut Hill Birdbath
Dimensions : H24" BW14.5" BL11"

Pisa Birdbath
Dimensions : H41" BW16" BL15"

Dragonfly Birdbath
Dimensions : H25.5" BD10.5"

Whimsical Frog Birdbath
Dimensions : H30" T19" SQ B16" SQ

Kyoto Birdbath
Dimensions : H27.5" T20" SQ B12" SQ

Rose Birdbath
Dimensions : H40.5" B9" OCT


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Located just outside the borough of
Kennett Square near Longwood Gardens, we
strive to offer you some of the best
fountains, water features, and garden
accents for your individual taste. Let us
know where your desires lay; everything from
planters around the pool or professionaly
installed landscape lighting. Since 1999,
we've helped people like you enjoy their
home and garden for many years to come.


Fall Hours

Tues - Sun 10a-5p


908 E Baltimore Pike

Kennett Square, PA 19348